How to Use Odyssey Analytics Tools to Provide Insights About Your Messages and Recipients.

  Odyssey’s secure WebPortal provides numerous analytics tools which clients can access to gain relevant data throughout each stage of the message sending process. These tools can be used to track and gain better insights on strategy creation for your message content, lists and optimal scheduling. When generating a customer email, SMS or fax list, … Read more

How to add value to your SMS recipients.

How to add value to your SMS recipients. Most consumers prefer to receive an SMS from a company rather than any other form of media. Emails and voicemails can get easily ignored and deleted, but texts are practically impossible to miss thanks to notifications appearing instantly, and phones always being in hand. Opt-out rates for … Read more

SMS: What are the benefits of long code and short code number when sending SMS Messages?

Long Code What Is Long Code? A long code is a 10-digit phone number used for communication between two or more individuals. Advantages of Long Codes One of the best things about using long codes is that there is very minimal setup time. In fact, you can get a long code number up and running … Read more

SMS tips to make sure your message is not reported as spam

What to do: Indicate where the message is coming from. What organization you are sending from or sending on behalf of. Indicate nature of your contact reason in question, possibly the account/invoice # or any other information that will indicate this is a legitimate contact. Confirm that intended recipient is at the indicated number. “Is … Read more

Why Odyssey’s SMS service can help you regularly communicate with your remote team

Some common feelings of remote workers are that of being isolated and the lack proper communication. They want to feel more connected to their office and team. Likewise, businesses depend on remote workers doing their tasks effectively to be operational, and being able to get questions rapidly answered is key to this relationship. SMS can … Read more

Improve your internal organizational communication with Odyssey SMS

Organizations, and the teams within them, often have scheduled meetings to get all of their members on the same page – these can occur weekly, monthly, quarterly or as required. With more and more teams working remotely, coordination is essential. Odyssey SMS can be used to send a group message to the entire team, with … Read more

The 3 steps to a successful communication plan

Medium or Message? The Medium or the Message? Which is more important and where should we focus our efforts? There has been much discussion, and confusion surrounding this subject. The answer is simpler than you think: Both! In today’s world of multiple communication platforms and mediums, we tend to get swayed or confused on where … Read more