Businesses can benefit greatly from SMS technology, which can be utilized to fulfill a variety of functions, such as sending reminders, receiving confirmations, and offering rewards.

SMS Solution

Mobile phones are becoming the preferred devices used to communicate amongst companies, brands, and customers. With more than 350 million mobile phones in North America, text messaging is a simple way to reach customers and prospects with a large audience.


The advantages of ODYSSEY's SMS Solution in your communication strategy


With an open rate of nearly 100%, text messages are the most efficient media.


Broadcast in real time, 90% of SMS are read in the first 3 minutes of their reception.


Compared to email or phone calls, using SMS to engage with your customers significantly reduces your communication costs.

The main applications of ODYSSEY's SMS Solution


Safety alerts, security breach, public health issues, authentication.

Critical Work Flow

Order & delivery tracking, appointment reminders, stock alerts, account warnings, security breaches & anti-fraud checking, multi-level authentication.


Customer loyalty programs, welcome messages, special events like anniversaries or holiday messages, coupons & promotions, private sale invitations, subscribers’ communications.

Inbound Text and Response Management

Reception services allow you to benefit from an additional way to communicate, improving the service’s quality by implementing a two-way messaging solution to enhance your customers’ engagement.

SMS Features


MVNO Management

International Coverage

Opt-out Service (STOP) Response Management

Prioritization Management

Dedicated SHORT Code

Customizable Sending Number

Scheduled sending Detailed Reporting & statistics

Advanced Content Customization, RICH SMS, Short URL