Email is an easy and fast way to connect directly with customers and prospects. It is far more personal than any other kind of online communication, arriving directly to a customer’s inbox, and is therefore beneficial for any type of business.

Email Solution

Whether to inform, promote, invite, announce, recruit, raise public awareness, offer, or share, EMAIL can do it all. In addition, you can target & personalize your content for each specific recipient of the same campaign based on the segmentation of your database: by location, purchase history, etc. It can generate responses, provide a web link or fill out a form and will allow you to experience amazing interactivity with your targeted recipients.
Among all web medias, EMAIL is a major source of Internet traffic and personalized email is more effective at maximizing deliveries regardless of ISP restrictions.


The advantages of ODYSSEY's EMAIL Solution in your communication strategy


EMAIL are broadcast instantaneously and read very quickly by the recipients.


Newsletters with relevant content are likely to be forwarded by your recipients to other contacts.


Thanks to a responsive design, its content is easily adapted to smartphone and/or other devices.

The main applications of ODYSSEY's EMAIL Solution


Safety alerts, Security breach, Public health issues, authentication.


The most valuable asset: EMAIL benefits from very detailed reporting with a lot of insight that can be used to deeply analyze your recipients’ behavior.

Email Features

Prioritization Management

Responsive Design & Mobility

Dedicated IP

Embedded Images

Detailed Reporting

Signed Email

Advanced Content Customization

Second-Level Domain (SLD)

Scheduled Sending

Deliverability Monitoring