How to add value to your SMS recipients.

How to add value to your SMS recipients.

Most consumers prefer to receive an SMS from a company rather than any other form of media.

Emails and voicemails can get easily ignored and deleted, but texts are practically impossible to miss thanks to notifications appearing instantly, and phones always being in hand. Opt-out rates for email subscriber lists are significantly higher than Text opt outs.

Even with these statistics, it is still important that your recipients feel they are getting some sort of value from the messages they receive. They need to feel that you had a good reason to message them, that the message is worth their time to read and respond to and that they can take action based on that message.

What adds value to an SMS?

Text messaging is the most engaging channel for messaging, with a near 100% open rate and 40% click-through rate. But if you don’t have a message that engages your recipients and adds value, they are much less likely to take action.

1. Have a compelling reason to reach out:

What is the reason they are receiving your message and why is it important?

2. Create a captivating message:

Your message needs to be clear and concise. Your message is coming in the form of a text message, and one of the biggest appeals of a text is that it’s short and to the point.

3. Avoid language that is industry specific:

Try not to include words or phrases that the majority of your audience may not understand.

4. Incorporate a call to action in your message.

A call to action is a phrase that will give your audience a next step in the process. In the case of an SMS promotion the next step could be “click this link”, “Reply to this message” or “use this code.