IVR technology is a proven and reliable method of delivering exact content and guides your client to the exact solution they require. Odyssey’s IVR solution can be integrated with your existing application or technology with our simple to use API.

Voice Solution

Like EMAIL, SMS, FAX and other proven channels, VOICE provides close communication for prospecting or retaining customers. Voice messages allow you to create real proximity and interaction with your recipients, as the human voice is simply more personable.


The advantages of ODYSSEY's VOICE Solution in your communication strategy


Thanks to human voice, Voice messages have the highest impact among all the other communication channels.


Voice messages are quickly sent in real time for single and bulk message sends.


Voice messages allow you to collect your recipient’s responses by their pressing specific buttons, set up for each multiple choice question, and reporting back specific replies according to their responses.

Voice Features


Voicemail Recognition

Confirmation Management For Alerts Messages

Voice Recording From Our Local Server

Confirmation Management For Alerts Messages

Hot Key Transfer

Detailed Reporting & Statistics

Opt-out Service (STOP) Response Management

Prioritization Management

Content Customization Thanks To Text To Speech(TTS)