The collection and management of the ” client receivable” is a key issue in the management of companies.

Quickly recover the debt with minimum cost is vital.

HR / Staffing

Your job involves strengthening and automate your relationship with candidates and rationalize your costs by implementing paperless workflow to send quotes, reusmes, invoices, contracts, …
Quickly recover the debt with minimum cost is vital.

Banking / Insurance

Bank and insurance have been transformed by online services and mobility. Transactions related to customer relations are now natively on different channels with strong requirements for deliverability and security.

Logistics / Transportation

Because of the strong development of e -commerce and the new economy, many companies of the transportation industry, are seeking to optimize the organization of the management of their stock, as well as managing their deliveries and shipments.


Just like in many other sectors (leisure, bank, e-commerce, …) patients want to manage their online interaction with practitioners.


In the DIGITAL era, the expectations of your customers and consumers have changed. You must deliver a personalized and contextualized customer experience: Accurate campaigns, Scenarios, MARKETING AUTOMATION, drive traffic upon your point of sale.


Invitation to tradeshows, revision reminders, technical control : communication automation has become the key component of a rich customer experience , and the competitiveness of the players in the automotive market.

Non Profit

The member relationship is the heart of your issues. You must inform, mobilize and unite them using the most appropriate media.

Government / Public sector

The automation of the communication to the is needed in many areas : Alert weather, emergencies, crash, tracking of administration processes and announcing events.


Besides customer loyalty campaigns that require an increasing number of contact points, the big names are looking to optimize business workflow : Order confirmation, delivery notes, invoices , withdrawal and health alerts.